28, May, 2013

United Bowmen of Philadelphia - International Postal Tournament 2013 Invitation

Opportunity to be part of an ancient yet modern tournament.
You can even take  time out for refreshments part way through.

Ah, gone are the days when archery was a civilised past time!
If any clubs are interested in participating please contact the United Bowman Club directly.

The United Bowmen of Philadelphia (Founded 1828) The Oldest Archery Club in the United States invites all Local Archery Clubs to participate in:

The 2013 United Bowmen Mail-in Club Team Tournament
Featuring the United Bowmen Round
First Shot June 23, 1835
Arguably the oldest target archery round in the English-speaking world for which records
survive. Up to 9 years older than the York.
The only Round that the United Bowmen have shot at club meetings for the last 178 years.

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