25, Dec, 2016

​Attendance at 2017 AGM meetings

With the AGM and Commission meetings scheduled for the first week in January, members are reminded of their rights to participate in some/all of those meetings.
Extract from the Administration Rules 2016 -
Rights of Members
a) Full members are entitled to:
(i) a membership card
(ii) participate in Archery New Zealand approved competitions
(iii) selection for New Zealand archery/crossbow teams
(iv) speak and vote at meetings of the Association

(v) hold office at any level of the Association
Meetings of the Association are the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting. The Commission meetings are only for members of the respective Commission namely:
Athletes’ Commission 
All full members of the Association are members of the Commission in that they are affiliated to the Association and are actively involved in shooting.
Life Members of the Association who are still active archers/arbalists are also members of the Commission
Coaching Commission
Members of the Commission are those who hold a current Archery New Zealand recognised coaching award.
Judges' Commission
The Judges’ Commission is made up of affiliated members who are qualified Judges or Judge candidates.
JAMA Commission
JAMA Commission AGM will be held later in the year at the Youth National Championships and details of membership will be provided then.​