03, Jun, 2016

The Archery NZ Selection Policy & Criteria WC1 Shanghai 2017 is now available.

Archers, Coaches & Parents need to note that there are significant changes in the document from the previous "Criteria" documents.  Please read the Policy & Criteria thoroughly as there are a number of requirements to be met by the archer and specific time frames that these must be done in as well as reading the Appendix's.

Each Selection policy & Criteria is accompanied by 4 Appendix's:

Appendix A - Archery NZ Intention to Apply Form

Appendix B - Archery NZ International Event Registration Form

Appendix C - Archery NZ Team Agreement (this will be available shortly)

Appendix D - Archery NZ Application for Dispensation Form

​While the new Selection Policy & ​Criteria may seem long and involved, it gives the Archer better clarity on the whole selection process and their rights within the process along with assisting the Selection Panel and the Board have a better understanding of the numbers of Archers interested in any one event to assist with Event Entries and accommodation along with the possible requirements for Training Camps or Test Events.

Karen L Moffatt-McLeod

Convenor, Selection Panel