28, Dec, 2015

Top international athlete joins coaching staff

Archery GB is pleased to announce the recruitment of Shaun Teasdale to its performance coaching staff. Shaun has been New Zealand's top international compound athlete for many years as well as a coach.

Shaun's most notable achievements are being a World Cup leg winner, Commonwealth Games finalist and scoring 710 for a 50-metre 720 round.

His role is to be a compound coach for the para team and an archery technician for the Olympic team.

Head Paralympic coach Michael Peart said: "The addition of another world class archery mind to our coach team is something that makes me extremely pleased. Shaun has a wealth of experience that I'm sure will help our team continue to make the marginal gain desired as we move towards Rio and beyond."

Shaun starts in the new year.

Archery New Zealand congratulates Shaun on his appointment, thanks him for his enormous contribution to archery in this country and wishes him everyhappiness in his move to the UK.