23, Jun, 2015

ArcheryNZ Training Camps

For archery to be successful in NZ, we need good development opportunities for both archers and coaches.  With this in mind, the ArcheryNZ Coaching Commission determined to seek funding for running training camps in each of the Districts, with the intent for them to become annual events.

Support was received for organisation of initial camps in both Auckland and Hamilton, and the Commission would love to see the initiative take off in the Wellington and South Island Districts also.  If you are interested in helping to organise one, or if you have a venue suitable for these, please contact your District Coaching Representative or

Funding was secured to subsidise the camp costs, and our thanks go to the Board for supporting these events and the development of both archers and coaches.

Auckland Training Camp

The Auckland Training Camp was held on 15-17 May at the international sports facility Bruce Pulman Park.  We had 17 enthusiastic archers and coaches present at this inaugural session.  Lead Coach Robert Turner prepared a great weekend’s activities for the team, and everyone arrived with a good appetite for learning.

The archers and coaches stayed at Bruce Pulman Lodge, a facility where a number of NZ national sports teams frequent, and were treated to great facilities there, including the hydrotherapy pools.  To support the camp, Mt Green Archery Club had very kindly loaned the use of some of their targets and Auckland Archery Club had also loaned some gazeboes.  This equipment was a great help in setting up and packing away quickly each day, so many thanks to the clubs for their contributions.  It was nice to set up the range just 50m from the lodge, so a very short commute!

As a coach, there was an opportunity to learn about assessing archers’ technique, and assistance in developing a prioritised action plan which was put in place the next day with a selected group of the archers for each coach.  A lot of emphasis was put on the use and application of technology to make things easier for identification and communication of ideas to the athletes.  It was encouraging to see some good steps made in technique throughout the camp, as the coaches were able to apply their learnings.

Many thanks go out to Rob Turner for his efforts in preparing and leading the camp, and to the attendees for making the most of the sessions and interactions.  I had a lot of fun, and look forward to the next one.

Andrew Russell