09, Apr, 2015

Health and Safety Information for Clubs

For clubs needing to put H&S Policies in place or those wishing to update theirs ArcheryNZ have some generic templates available.  These are in a word doc format to enable clubs to add there club names & logo's plus make any changes neccessary for them to be useful to each individual club.

We have also included a "Hazard Register Example" so it is clear how to use this form.  Very useful for when running tournament either at your own range or using other grounds.

The "Archery Club Health & Safety Plan" is a guideline as each club has other factors unique to their location & situation which will need to be included.  For example MBAC has cows in the adjacent paddock at times, thus have regulations about gates and electric fences.

Further information will be made available on the new H&S reforms as soon as ArcheryNZ is informed.