27, Mar, 2015


Every archery club needs to have a health and safety plan and policy under the current law. This is likely to be even more critical when the Reform Bill becomes law.

The major intent of the bill is to improve safety and health provisions in the work place.  That is predominately places of paid employment.

However some aspects of the bill may also apply to sports activities, particularly, in our case, tournaments.

A number of people seem to be considerably agitated about not having provisions in place immediately.

While we need to keep a watch on the legislation as it proceeds through the House, at the moment we do not know how, if at all, it will apply to us.

The bill is before the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee (TIR) with a report date of 28 May 2015. There have been many submissions received by TIR, especially in relation to provisions surrounding “volunteers”.

The bill will be reported back by its due date or sooner. It then has to undergo three more stages within the House, including the Committee stage when more changes may take place. Only once the third reading has been completed will we know how much, if any of the provisions apply to us. It then goes to the Governor General for the Royal Assent.

The majority of the bill, when it becomes an act, does not become effective until 1 July 2016.

Yes clubs need to be preparing their own Health and Safety plans using the current legislation and templates to assist clubs will be available shortly.

In the meantime the Board is keeping a watching brief on the legislation and advice offered by Sport NZ. Clubs will receive advice once we know what we are dealing with.