12, Mar, 2015

Archery Rubrics now available

Achievement standards for the use of archery as a physical activity in an applied setting for Secondary School Students have been confirmed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).


Students are required to demonstrate performance in competitive archery rounds and teachers can use these standards to assess their performance.

The standards can be found at, at the bottom of the page there are two documents entitled 'Guidelines for assessing against 91330 and 91501' and archery is the first physical activity to appear when they are downloaded. Students are to compete using the rounds and criteria set out for the Archery New Zealand ‘Archery in Schools’ (AIS) postal league, involvement in the competition is not compulsory but is encouraged. The Archery in Schools score sheets, available on the Archery New Zealand website, can be used.
This is a great opportunity, it helps raise the profile of our sport and the Archery In Schools competition nationally. If schools are interested and do not currently participate they should contact their local club and speak to their JAMA coordinator. Alternatively contact the convenor of the JAMA commission, Chris Jones ( More importantly, it enables the kids that excel in our sport to gain credit for their performance in their chosen sport.