02, Jan, 2015


The Board of Archery New Zealand is to establish a committee to develop policy and procedures on the matter of dealing with racist attitudes and/or comments, which will be adopted by the Board and published widely. This may include any appropriate C&R changes.

All members of Archery NZ are reminded that we are all subject to the provisions set out in the Human Rights Act 1993, particularly as they relate to racial harassment

TheBoard totally supports this piece of legislation and that racism in any form is totally unacceptable to ANZ.

Section 63 of the Human Rights Act defines racial harassment as behaviour that is uninvited and that humiliates, offends, or intimidates someone because of their race, colour, or ethnic or national origin.

Racial harassment can involve:

  • Mimicking the way a person speaks 

  • Making jokes about their race

  • Calling them racist names

If you have been subject to any such treatment please provide written details to the National Secretary of ArcheryNZ, including the date, place, who said what and under what circumstances, and also identify any other people who witnessed the alleged offence.