02, Jul, 2014

Archery NZ Structure Review Sub Committee – Registration of Interest.

The Board of Archery NZ is asking for appropriately experienced members to register their interest in serving on a sub committee to review and make recommendations to the Board and to members on possible changes to the way we structure our organisation.

The sub committee will have the following goals:

•    To propose the best way to structure the governance, management and affiliation structure of the organisation. Are the current structures appropriate? Do we need to do things differently? What should we do differently?

•     To document the process so that it can be put to members for approval.

The committee will need to consider at least but not limited to the following issues in its activities

•    Stake holder relationships (those who have an involvement with ArcheryNZ including individual members, clubs, district associations, Commissions, World Archery, NZOC, Sport NZ and other external organisations

•    Affiliation structure / fees

•    The rising cost of management and ownership of National Tournament equipment

•    Constitution and Rules amendments required to effect changes

The sub committee will have one Board member (to be appointed by the Board) and a total membership of 4 or 5 people. Members of the committee will be appointed based on their experience at various levels of archery here and/or overseas, their types of experience in paid employment or other activities that includes an understanding of  and experience in effective systems of organisational structures  and governance. The chair of the  committee will be decided from within the  group.

There will be a budget provided for an initial face to face meeting over a weekend to get things started. Thereafter the committee will interact via phone hook up (skype) and email on a regular basis or funded face to face meetings with prior Board approval if necessary.

The subcommittee will have as long as necessary to consider the issues but the final report must be presented to the Board not later than 1 June 2016. The subcommittee will be expected to report progress to the Board 3 times per year (January, June and September) prior to Board meetings. There will be a report to the AGM in January 2015.

Interested people should indicate their desire to be on this subcommittee by contacting the National Secretary with details of their relevant experience by 31 July 2014.

Mike Ashburn