11, Jun, 2014

Records Lists Updated

All of the record lists have been updated and are current for all scores shot up to 30 April 2014. The scores database now contains some 27,000 individual round and distance scores. We have included all scores shot since January 2011 as well as historical records claims prior to this. It is the intention to update the web site lists at the end of each month.

We  are  now working through certificate issue for those new records achieved since January 1 2013, There are some 400 outstanding record certificates that need to be issued. For records achieved prior to 1 January 2013 we will publish historical lists with certificate entitlements. Members will need to check these lists to see if they were entitled to a certificate and let the Records Officer know so that a certificate can be printed and sent to them.

This has been a huge exercise and we would like to thank people for their patience.

The update record lists are to be found here


Mike Ashburn

Interim Records Officer