10, Jun, 2014

JAMA News - June 2014

Hi Everyone

And welcome to the second quarterly JAMA Newsletter for 2014. Happy reading: 


JAMA Postal League
The JAMA Postal competition for 2014 has started with great success, with up to 147 archers per month taking part between February and April.  Over this last quarter we have also seen approaches from Club’s that have not contributed archers to the competition in the past, with the likes of Wairarapa and Lakeside examples of Club’s now supporting their young archers and submitting scores in the nation-wide competition.  From May onward the competition moves to an indoor format for the winter months, and we are yet to see how this may affect attendance, but we are hopeful that the great start to the year continues.
Below is a comparison of the number of scores submitted this year (pin scores in parentheses) with the same period last year (and 2012):


2012 (pin scores)

2013 (pin scores)

2014 (pin scores)


81 (25)

113 (20)

138 (31)


68 (18)

136 (44)

147 (38)


43 (17)

89 (23)

97 (28)





“Thanks again to Phil Sanson who has taken on the league coordination role, is keeping everything running smoothly and provided this update” - Chris

Pins and Badges
The summer season saw a ramping up of the awards claimed. A breakdown of the claims over the months Jan to Apr is below:



Outdoor Perfect Pins


JAMA Overall Score Badges


Postal Pin-score Badges






Just a quick note that we’ve had a few claims go astray, being submitted to the registrar on the standard claim form. Hopefully all sorted and the webmaster has now put a hyperlink to the JAMA claim form beneath the standard claim form but if you could please be vigilant and guide the juniors to the correct place it will help avoid disappointment.
I’ve also been working with our badge makers and have a proposed design for a ‘72 arrow’ series of badges. I’ll need to put this past the board before progressing further but the initial suggestion was positively received and hopefully this will all be approved and available in time for the outdoor season.

JAMA NI and SI Outdoor Championships

2014 saw another couple of successful JAMA Championships. By my calculation the North Island Champs, hosted by Rotorua Archery Club, saw a total of 49 juniors compete, including seven in the open (novice) recurve division, which is great to see so please keep on encouraging your juniors to participate. The South Island Champs, hosted by Aimtru Archers, saw a total of 34 juniors compete, including 10 in the open (novice) recurve division. On behalf of our juniors many thanks to the competition organisers.
The 2015 SI Outdoor JAMA Championships will be hosted by Dunedin Archery Club and will be a major tournament run over the weekend of the 28th Feb / 1st March, so make a note in your diaries now!
And, on behalf of the Board of Archery New Zealand, I’d like to make a “Call for applications to host the 2015 NI Outdoor JAMA Championships”. Rounds to be accommodated should include a 1440, a 720 and, preferably, a match play. All JAMA age groups (from Kiwi up to Junior) need to be accommodated. Applications should cover the proposed dates, an estimate of the cost, the maximum number of archers that can be accommodated and any other supporting information.
Applications, to the JAMA convenor, close Friday 18th July after which a recommendation will be made by the JAMA Convenor for approval by the Board. Successful applicants will be informed by the end of July in order to give the successful clubs enough time to prepare.

“There was at least one disappointed club that didn’t see the call on the website last year so please can all JAMA coordinators ensure that they make their clubs aware.”   See Call for Applications 

Archery In Schools Programme

The Archery in Schools Programme has taken another leap in attendance smashing all records. Term one saw over 200 individual scores submitted, with archers representing 59 schools from across the country. This time a total of 42 (that’s right 42!) teams, still predominantly in the limited recurve division (which accounted for 34 teams), compete for the titles in their respective categories. We also had a total of nine archery clubs and coaching bodies take up the challenge and provide access to our sport in support of this competition. I believe that the dominance of the limited recurve division is a significant achievement and reflects the aims of this competition in getting new archers involved in competitive archery.

Winners of the 2014 Term 1 team competition were:

SchoolCoaching BodySchool TypeBow CategoryRank
Lytton HighGisborne Archery ClubSecondaryCompound1
Campion College (High)Gisborne Archery ClubSecondaryCompound2
Lytton HighGisborne Archery ClubSecondaryLimited Recurve1
Gisborne Girls HighGisborne Archery ClubSecondaryLimited Recurve2
Gisborne Girls HighGisborne Archery ClubSecondaryLimited Recurve3
Campion College (Intermediate)Gisborne Archery ClubIntermediateLimited Recurve1
Gisborne IntermediateGisborne Archery ClubIntermediateLimited Recurve2
Gisborne IntermediateGisborne Archery ClubIntermediateLimited Recurve3
Freyberg HighManawatu Archery Club
Open Recurve1
Palmerston North Boys HighManawatu Archery Club
Open Recurve2
Te Aroha CollegeRiver Glade Archers
Open Recurve3

















“And once again on behalf of all of us, thanks to Maria Tucker who has taken on the Archery in Schools coordination role” - Chris  

Enhanced Archery in Schools Proposal
The Archery Criteria for NZQA for Secondary School Students was finalised at the end of last year.  For these to be included in the ‘Guidelines for Assessing against the performance standards document’, the NZQA need some student evidence to support the criteria for Level 2 and Level 3 (Archery at Level 1 has also been included and does not require pre-approved criteria). I’ve put Lesley at the NZQA in contact with one school but if you have any direct experience and believe that you can help please let me know so that these criteria can be included and available for all teachers and students across New Zealand.

2014 Trans-Tasman Challenge
Progress with Archery Australia on organising a successful Trans Tasman Test, to be held in Brisbane in September/October, continues. I’d like to add my congratulations to the 17 successful archers and thanks to those who have taken on the role as the management and coaching team (James Kinnear, Kerry Turner and Colin Tucker). I know that they are busy preparing for the Trans Tasman training camp which will be the first opportunity for some of these archers to get together, to know more about what to expect and to bond as a team. Also many thanks also to those who have been involved previously and offered advice and support, I’m sure that it has been invaluable.
There is still much to do and those selected will need all of our support to help get them to Australia and have a successful competition. I have heard some initiatives are already underway but let’s get behind our team and show them how much we appreciate the commitment that they’ve put in and the achievements they have already made by being selected and see if we can raise funds to support their trip.

Inter-school medals
Pictured below are the compound versions of the new medals for inter-school competitions. All medals come on a blue ribbon as standard but I guess that one way of customising these would be to supply your own ribbon in club colours or with the competition name on them. I have a limited supply and the medals are available at $10 each.


All for now.