01, Jan, 2014

AGM 2014 - read now

1 January 2014

Dear Colleagues

Happy New Year, may your arrows fly straight and the gold get larger.

As some of you know my home was burgled while I was overseas late last year and my main lap top stolen. This has caused many difficulties and some things that were in train seem to have got lost. I must have a large parcel of “words” in the ether.

Following this note is the web site message dated 19 December 2013 which has not appeared on the web site although another item I sent that day is there. This is in no way a criticism of the web master who does an amazing job. It is just par for the course at the moment.

Some reports were either too large (and expensive) to be commercially printed or were received after the photocopying shops closed for the Christmas break. Having “borrowed” a commercial photocopier and literally breaking it, I have now decided to post on the web site the reports not already printed. Please read them and if you wish to have a hard copy with you at the respective meetings (mostly the AGM) print your own.

There will be a few copies at the tournament registration desk.

I’m sorry things are a little messy, not what I had hoped or expected.

All the minutes from the 2013 Nationals have been on the web site all year in the downloads tab. They are called “reports” but are in fact the minutes of the respective Commissions AGMs apart from the Judges’ AGM which is confidential to that Commission.

Carole A Hicks

National Secretary

Please download the following notices (PDF Format)

C&R changes revised December 2013

Financial statements 2013

Statement of Financial Performance 2013 - Modified

Treasurer's report

NZ Archer Report 2013

Online Magazine Proposal 2014

Ranking Admin 2013 report

Registered Minor Tournaments (RTM) Report 2014

2014 Trophy Steward AGM report

2014 Registrar AGM report