30, Oct, 2013

Trans Tasman Qualifying Period

The Selection Panel, in consultation with the Board, has extended the qualifying period for the Trans Tasman Test.

All archers now have until the 21st April 2014 (end of Easter) to shoot the four (4) required qualifying scores.

These scores are:
1150 for all recurve divisions and 1300 for all compound divisions in the WA1440 rounds.

Can all those interested please foward the Expression of Interest registration form  to the Selection Panel at this email address:

It is still mandatory to compete at the 2014 Nationals, so if you haven't sent your entry in, you may need to check to see whether you are still able to get onto the waiting list.

To date there is still no confirmation from Australia of dates or a venue. We will advise you as soon as we have any information.

Anne Mitchell