03, Oct, 2013

World Archery Championships update

The World Archery Championships are currently being held in Belek, Antalya, Turkey.
Representing ArcheryNZ are Shaun Teasdale in the Men's Compound division and Barbara Scott in the women's compound division.

On Monday the qualification rounds were held in hot and windy conditions. Shaun ranked 42nd in a field of 102, with a score of 694, and Barbara ranked 57th in a field of 78, with a score of 658. It was interesting to see that the top 28 in the men's compound shot 700 or above.

The elimination rounds for the 1/48 and 1/24 for the compound divisions were held on Wednesday afternoon. Despite being overcast and threatening with rain all day, conditions were perfect for shooting. Unfortunately this didn't last with the wind getting up during the 1/24th round for the compound men, and then the rain started just as they were finishing. In her first match of the day, Barbara shot very well against her opponent, Inga Kizeliauskaite from Lithuania with a personal best, and winning score of 143. Her second match saw her up against Camilla Soemod from Denmark. Barbara once again shot very well with a score of 141, but couldn't match Camilla's excellent score of 147.

Shaun's first opponent was Matus Durny Jnr from Slovakia. This was a close match but Shaun gradually pulled out a lead to win 146/142. His second match was against Roberto Hernandez from El Salvador and Shaun quickly went out to a 5-point lead. But the weather decided to change and the wind got up, creating all sorts of problems for the archers. Surprisingly there were still some excellent scores despite the wind. Shaun's lead slowly whittled away until the last end where the two archers were tied on the same score. This lead to a one arrow shoot-off, which Shaun won with a 10 versus a 9 from Hernandez.

Shaun will return to the competition ground tomorrow morning to continue in the eliminations, and through to the semi-finals if he is successful.

Results can be found at

Anne Mitchell

Vice President