28, Mar, 2013

Archery NZ Records

Dear Colleagues

In processing and validating the large number of outstanding record claims some errors were found that raised concerns over the accuracy of the current list of records.

The Board is now checking all the records claimed/awarded since 1 October 2010 to 28 February 2013 to ensure as much as possible that all records are correct and that new claims can be properly validated.

Consequently the list posted on the Archery New Zealand web site has been withdrawn and will stay withdrawn until the Board is satisfied it is accurate.

Please note that following the recent rule change at the meetings in Whitianga, it is no longer necessary to claim a record. The officer concerned will check all result lists from major tournaments and send out the certificates within a month of receiving the appropriate tournament result list.

As the list on the web site is not accurate, it is possible that some people who thought they had achieved a record, in fact have not. Those archers will receive a letter explaining why a particular claim is not eligible.

As soon as the records list is confirmed the certificates will be sent to the successful archers.

The Board is working hard to bring the records lists up to date and in an accurate state and requests a little more patience from all members.

The Board has divided the position of Registrar from that of maintaining the records and will create an additional position of Records Officer to look after that function.

Ivan Powley has chosen to not accept the Board’s offer to appoint him to the Registrar’s position, effective immediately. The Board thanks Ivan for the work he has done over the years and in particular, for the way in which he sorted out the claims when he took over as Registrar. The positions of Registrar and Records Officer will be advertised shortly.

Carole A Hicks