12, Feb, 2013

NZ Archers at World Archery Festival, Las Vegas

Well done to Shaun Teasdale and Stephen Florence, who competed at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas over the weekend.

In their division, Freestyle Unlimited - Championships Male there were 182 archers, with a total of 1694 competitors from all over the world registered for the three days of indoor competition!

This was Stephen's first trip to Vegas and the second time for Shaun.

The competition was held over three rounds, with the top 16 in each division who had competed in at least two of the World Indoor Cup events at either Singapore, Nimes or Las Vegas, qualifying for the World Cup Final which was shot on Saturday night (US time).


146  Stephen Florence    293/297/296    Total 886, 43 Xs

150  Shaun Teasdale        292/295/296    Total 883, 44 Xs

The only comment from Shaun was despite the disappointing results it was still an amazing tournament and he just wants to keep going back!

Stephen also thoroughly enjoyed the tournament even though his dot kept moving so much all the time while he was shooting.