01, Jan, 2013

2013 Archery NZ Annual General Meeting

Dear Colleagues

Material for the AGM

The material for the AGM will be placed in the competitors’ packs and handed out during registration.

For those not attending the Nationals they are available as downloads from the Archery New Zealand web site.

The minutes of the various meetings will be posted as soon as possible after the conclusion of the Nationals.

The Board takes this opportunity to remind members that the positions of:


    Vice President


are all subject to an election at the AGM on 8 January. Nominations for all positions are sought. There are no incumbents seeking re-election,

The nominations may be made in writing to the National Secretary, signed by the mover, seconder and nominee accepting nomination, or they may be made orally at the AGM.

In addition the convener of the Athletes’ Commission is to be elected and again the incumbent is not seeking re-election. There will need to be an election for the convener of the Coaches’ Commission. If the Coaches AGM confirms acceptance of the recommendations from the Coaches’ seminar, then there will be a chairperson of the Coaches’ Committee who will not be a member of the Board. Either way no doubt the Coaches group will make recommendations to the AGM which may influence the voting on Constitution and Rule amendments.

There is a long agenda for the AGM. Many items of major significance to Archery New Zealand will be decided. It is imperative that all members of Archery New Zealand present at the Nationals attend.

The Board wishes all members and everyone who shoots a bow and arrows, a safe, happy and healthy 2013.

Carole A Hicks