29, Sep, 2012

Archery NZ Board Positions

Vice President

Sandy Hughes, elected as Vice President at the AGM 2012, has resigned from this position and therefore also as Convener of the Selection Panel effective from 23 September 2012.

The Board is required to fill any such vacancies until the next AGM when a replacement may be elected to complete the second part of the two-year term.

Nominations are called to fill this position until the AGM on8 January 2013.

Nominees must be affiliated to Archery New Zealand, have access to reliable internet and be willing and able to spend 2-4 hours per week discussing via email Board business including the criteria for ArcheryNZ international representation as appropriate.

A full position description is available from the ArcheryNZ web site “downloads”.

Nominations, with a statement from the nominee outlining her/his experience in archery in administrative/coaching/competitor roles must be sent to the National Secretary as soon as possible and not later than 20 October 2012.