25, Sep, 2012

Archery New Zealand recognition

Dear Colleagues

Archery New Zealand recognition

Archery New Zealand has two awards to recognise the contributions made by members.

1    There is the Service Award.  

The Administration Rules explain the award as follows:

A service award may be presented by the Board at the A.G.M., to member(s) who have given meritorious service to the sport. This award is limited to three awards per year. The award will take the form of a framed certificate. Clubs will make submissions for the award to the National Secretary by 1 October each year.

2    The most prestigious award is that of Life Membership. The Constitution states there can be no more than eight (8) Life Members at a time. There are currently seven (7) such Members.

The Administration Rules outline the process as follows:

Nomination in the first instance must be moved and seconded at club level and receive the support of 75 per cent of the club members.

The nomination must give full details of the contribution of the person to archery in New Zealand on a national basis.

a) The nomination and full citation will then be submitted in writing to the National Secretary at least two months before a general meeting of the Association. (8 November 2012 to be considered  for the 2013 AGM.)

b) The board will consider all nominations and present to the AGM those nominations that fulfil all aspects of the criteria.

c) No person will be elected a Life Member unless the resolution for each election is carried by a 75% majority of those members present at the general meeting of the Association and who are eligible to vote.

With kind regards

Carole A Hicks