25, Sep, 2012

Constitution and Rules Reminder for all Club Secretaries

Dear Colleagues

AGM 2013

This is a reminder of the opportunity to submit motions for consideration by the AGM in 2013.

The AGM will take place on 8 January so the three months deadline for clubs to submit motions to amend the ANZ constitution and/or rules is 8 October 2012.

As noted at the AGM this year the Shooting rules would be updated and presented by the Board. While checking some earlier sets of AGM and board minutes, it became apparent that the Constitution and Rules have not been kept updated, so in fact the whole set of C&R will again be presented to the AGM. The Board apologises for this but it is better to have everything correctly updated and set out for members’ approval that to continue with out of date material.

The motion to amend the Constitution must identify the section to be amended, the changes proposed and brief explanation of why it should be changed. The name of the club proposing the amendment must also be included.

To change one or more of the Rules (administrative, shooting, tournament) the Rule must be identified, the amendment proposed and the brief rationale for the change.

These amendments must be in the hands of the National Secretary as soon as possible and not later than 11.59pm on Monday, 8 October 2012. They may be sent via email ( or hard copy (81 Pikarere Street, Titahi Bay, Porirua 5022).

All Constitution and Rules material must be circulated at least six weeks before the AGM. However in view of the large amount of material involved it will be circulated by mid November.

Details of the AGM and process can be found in the Administrative Rules which are on the web site.

Kind regards