05, Sep, 2012

World Field Champs 2012 Val d’lsere, France

Lucky Anne Mitchell, to get to both represent her country at this event and enjoy such spectacular scenery.  And continuing on the “Luck” theme Anne arrived in France, but seems her bow case didn’t, she was very relieved when her bow case eventually appeared.

The competition consisted of two days of qualification rounds of both unmarked and marked courses.  Not starting too well on the first day Anne placed 21st for the first half and 18 for the second half ranking 21 out of 22 archers.  The second day Anne made a come back with a 16th and 9th placing, putting her 14th equal for the day.  The combined total ranked Anne 18th just missing the top 16 cut.
Awesome effort Anne and looked like you had an opportunity to see some great sights.