PLEASE NOTE: Forms available here can be filled out on-screen using Acrobat Reader, and returned via email


Tournament Downloads



Tournament Registration Form

Tournament Registration Completion Form

RMT (Registered Minor Tournament) Registration Form

Tournament Regulations 2016


Award Claim Form

JAMA Awards Claim Guidelines

JAMA Award Claim Form


Selection Policies

2015-2016 Scores
These scores are generic only and are subject to change at any time.
The scores cover the period from the start of the 2015-2016 international season to the end of the 2016-2016 international season. 
Individual criteria with the set qualifying periods will be posted separately for each tournament.
Karen Moffatt-McLeod 
Selection Convenor

Teams Officials Application Form 2016

Archery NZ Selection Policy & Criteria for WC1 Shanghai 2017

Archery NZ Selection Policy & Criteria for WC2 Antalya 2017

Archery NZ Selection Policy & Criteria for WC3 Salt Lake City 2017

Archery NZ Selection Policy & Criteria for WC4 Berlin 2017

Selection Policy & Criteria for the World Archery Youth Championships 2017 

Selection Policy & Criteria for the World Archery Championships 2017 

World Archery World 3D Selection Policy & Criteria


Appendix A - Archery NZ Intention to Apply Form

Appendix B - Archery NZ International Event Registration Form

Appendix C - ​Archery NZ Team Member Agreement & Code of Conduct

Appendix D - Archery NZ Application for Dispensation Form

Rules and Membership Downloads

Archery NZ Membership Form 2016-2017

Archery NZ Constitution September 2016

Archery NZ Administration Rules Sept 2016

ANZ  Shooting Rules October 2016

Anti Doping Policy Document - November 2012

NZ Archer Subscription Form


Tournament and Club Score Sheet Downloads

It is highly recommended to use these score sheets for all tournaments so that archers become used to a standard scoring format.  This will help tournament organisers and assist in minimising errors.

Most of the regular rounds that are shot have been included, as well as a generic score sheet that may be useful for various club shoots, all can be printed on an A4 page.  They are available in Microsoft Excel format, so that clubs may add logos, tournament names and dates

Score sheets can be downloaded here (ZIP archive) - updated August 2016:

For any specific requests, please contact the Athlete's Convenor.

Health & Safety Policies / Forms

Generic Accident Incident Form

Generic Archery Club Health & Safety Plan

Generic Hazard Correction Form

Generic HAZARD REGISTER Template

Generic Hazard Reporting


Member Protection Policies / Forms

ArcheryNZ Member Protection Policy

ArcheryNZ Member Protection Declaration

AGM Reports & Minutes Downloads


Archery NZ Board meeting approved minutes 02 August 2016

Archery NZ Board meeting approved minutes 09-10 July 2016

Archery NZ Board meeting approved minutes 7 June 2016

ArcheryNZ Board meeting approved minutes 3 May 2016

Archery NZ Board meeting approved minutes - 29 March 2016

Archery NZ Board meeting approved minutes February 2016

Archery NZ AGM minutes 7 January 2016

Archery NZ AGM 2015 minutes

Archery NZ Board Final September Minutes 2015

Minutes - Meeting of the Board 14/15 March 2015

ANZ Board Minutes June 2015

September Board Meeting minutes 2014

Minutes - Meeting of the Board 24/25 May 2014

Minutes - Meeting of the Board 15/16 March 2014

Minutes from the 2014 Archery NZ Annual General Meeting

Athletes Convenor's Report

JAMA Commission Report

Coaches Commission Report



Funding Information

While there are many funding agencies within New Zealand all will have requirements specific to them, so do your home work well on what they will and what they will not fund.

This list includes contact details to many contacts throughout New Zealand.

Download List HERE


Portable Target Frames - construction plans

Following requests from various Clubs, Auckland Archery Club have provided construction drawing for AAC target frames -  for free download...Thanks AAC / Bert Bourgeois

Download PDFs HERE ( .ZIP file)


Archery NZ Board Vacancies


Nomination Form - Board Positions (PDF)

Nomination Form - Board Positions (Word Doc)

Archery NZ Brand Guidelines


ArcheryNZ Branding Policy Nov2015