About Archery NZ

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There are two main types of bow used by archers, recurve bows which are descended from the sort used by Robin Hood. A much newer invention, used initially for hunting but now used for target archery as well, is called the compound bow. This bow has pulleys and wheels which allow people to shoot much heavier “pulling weight” than recurve bows. Archery is included in the Olympic Games but only for the recurve bows although compound bows are included in the Paralympic Games.

Another type of archery is the Field event, where archers move around a course and shoot a limited number of arrows from various distances at different sized black targets with a gold centre. For 3D events life-sized model animals are placed around the field to give a greater imitation of hunting. Because of the amount of ground required not many Archery New Zealand clubs have field courses but may have arrangements with local Field clubs to use their facilities, or perhaps have joint shoots.

Archery New Zealand clubs also shoot another form of archery called Clout where archers shoot high into the air to hit a target laid out with flags on the ground anywhere between 145m-185m away